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Newsletter I have officially started my newsletter for the blog after gathering enough people to start the mailing list. You can read the first newsletter entitled “My First Words” from here.

Why I have started a mailing list & my vision for the future:

Why do I want to start a mailing list? The intention has been simple. Over the past year, I am focused in building my site: into a brand. Since building other known brands such as (which was eventually acquired by Tech In Asia) and Singapore Angle, I have written many articles on different subjects. The core focus, as most of you know are in these areas: digital technologies and strategies, media and entrepreneurship. A lot of work I have done over the years hinged on a simple philosophy I have in life: pragmatic idealism

In the last year, I have also incorporated the fine dining section where I annotate and provide a critique for the restaurants I have been to.

For the longest time, I want to engage everyone out of you out there. I have resisted doing a mailing list because I do not like to spam others. Hence for this mailing list, the only intention is to share thoughts and insights and at the same time, recommend to you who I am following and reading at the same time.

I have a long term vision for my personal blog. The vision is to make it into a brand in Asia, where I can present new ideas, whims, opinions, analyses and stories to you. Fine dining is a good example. I have no intention of creating a food blog to sell advertising but I am more interested to be your connoisseur in going to interesting fine dining restaurants for food and focus in getting you on enjoying the right experience there.

Here is what I will like this mailing list do for you, my reader and customer is to be a friendly email from a friend dropping you interesting quips and thoughts from time to time.

If you understand my intention and is interested to hear my thoughts every fortnight, here is the link to subscribe:


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