BL Newsletter #6: Why I have started Analyse Asia

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Newsletter In this issue, my focus is on why I have set up my new media project, Analyse Asia. It also explains the motivation behind this project and what I have build to get it going the way it is. Of course, I share some interesting links about interesting personalities. You can subscribe to my mailing list. Of course, my official policy is not to spam but to share analyses and thoughts on business and technology in Asia as a whole.

As usual, a quick excerpt from the issue 6 of the newsletter:

“As per my last mail, my new project “Analyse Asia” has launched on 2nd September. It is a weekly podcast where I interviewed the thought leaders and industry players to help the audience in getting the pulse of technology, media and business in Asia. My first guest is Sameer Singh from and truth be told, the whole recording has been fun and exciting. I have already completed three episodes to date. You can listen to it directly from here. Our conversation revolved around the mobile ecosystems in Asia, and focused specifically on how the mobile operating systems & handsets from Apple and Google are perceived in the market. In addition, we dived deeper into three Asian companies that are on the headlines all over the world: Xiaomi (China), Micromax (India) and Samsung (Korea). It is a fascinating conversation which transpired for an hour, and we even touched a little on Uber’s valuation.”

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