An anecdotal encounter with a Product Visionary CEO

W-SF-logoDuring my trip to San Francisco for Google I/O 2013, I have an unexpected encounter with a CEO of an notable Internet company in the lobby of a hotel where I stayed. The date is 15 May 2013 (first day of Google I/O), and he was meeting with someone (a lady who I suspected to be a journalist) between 4-7 pm in the bar area. I have told this story only to my wife in the same evening and concluded that I won’t talk about this encounter after something major was happening for this CEO and his company at that instant of time. Continue reading An anecdotal encounter with a Product Visionary CEO

A Visit to Symbian Foundation in London

symbianheart During the Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in April, I have the opportunity to meet and chat with Lee Williams, the executive director of Symbian Foundation and Anatolie Papas, the online presence & community matchmaker. In the midst of our conversation, I told them that I will be heading to London in July. They suggested that I should pop by and take a look at the Symbian Foundation. Last Monday, I took a trip to the Symbian Foundation which is located near the Southwark tube station in central London. Although Lee was not around, Anatolie took the time to organize a meeting for me to catch up with Chris Davidson (Technology Management) and David Wood (Catalyst & Futurist, Leadership Team). Here are some of the interesting points for example, the Symbian roadmap and the new Horizon initiative that popped up during our discussion which I thought might be interested to those who are interested in Symbian development: Continue reading A Visit to Symbian Foundation in London