Dance me to the End of Love

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jackvettrianodancemetotheendoflovesSomewhere in the younger and passionate days of my life, I enjoyed writing poetry even though my passion is often unraveling the mathematical equations of the cosmos. Since six years ago, the will to express myself through rhymes and verses left my life and perhaps took away the more expressive and passionate part of my life. The last poem I wrote came from a postcard sent to me by a friend from New York named Mendy Chan (who is now happily married and settled down there). On the postcard was a painting entitled “Dance me to the End of Love” by Jack Vettriano, a prominent artist from humble origins who have painted a few famous paintings about ballroom dancing, for example, Waltzers and the Singing Butler. That postcard sparked me with the inspiration to write the poem in 15 minutes. In fact, I met the artist in real life and shared the poetry with him during his talk in Cambridge Union. I also ask him about the inspiration behind this painting and got his autograph on a card with the same painting which I don’t intend to reveal for a future purpose someday. While the year has been ardous and presented difficulties and challenges, I thought that it might be good to share this last poem of mine here in my blog (like I share a mathematical solution to the famous birthday problem last year). There are two interpretations of this poem to many people who I shared it with, and I hope that you find yours in the process.

Dance Me to the End of Love

It is on this day
that our love has blossomed,
thru the reins of marriage.
It is upon this moment
when our hearts forever entangled,
by the binding of love.
It is within this lifetime
where my heart and soul is dedicated to you
forever in eternity.

Dance me from the beginning of this tune,
with the Viennese waltz sweeps us across the ages
our history of love in the web of images.
Whisk me to the middle of the chorus,
in your white, silky gown, beautiful and alluring,
nevertheless sweet and enduring.
Spin me to the end of the song,
with our left hands gripped tight
from my shoulder length to your waist,
through our right hands pointing in a straight lance,
and our bodies connected in coalescence.

Please, my beloved,
Ask me why I am so confident that it’s you,
Hug me for times of sorrows and joy,
Cherish me from now on, and
Dance me to the end of Love,
forever by death till us part.

My own inspiration behind this poem: When I first wrote this poem, it was based on my conception what I would wish for my wedding to be like. The fantasy that I would be able to do a classical waltz or a Viennese waltz with my future wife, spurred the many lines written in this poem. I dedicate this poem to the many happily married couples I know.

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