3 lessons on Innovation & Experimental Marketing in Asia

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imediaconnectionI have recently contributed an article entitled “3 Lessons on Innovation & Experimental Marketing” to iMediaConnection Asia on digital marketing. The article is based on the panel discussion I have moderated during the Ad-Tech Singapore 2009. The question which the article I hope to answer is the following one: How do media buyers, agencies and platform owners engage in creating new and effective campaigns in the challenging financial climate? With the evolution of social media practices and digital marketing, there is a considerable amount of inertia from media buyers, PR agencies and brand marketers to adopt new technologies for experimental marketing in Asia. I broke the three lessons into the following:  (1) The emergence and adoption of new digital marketing technologies and social practices for media buyers, brand marketers and PR agencies that come in the form of rich media content sharing, online social networks and virtual worlds, (2) The nature of advertising has changed for both corporations, publishers and consumers and finally, (3) As a consequence, a change in mindset and expectations is required. I have included some case studies in the article and will urge you to check it out there.

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