The Chronicles of a Mobile-Web Economy

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iphoneToday, I was invited by Institute of Infocomm Research, A-STAR to present on the status of mobile-web space in the 16th InfoComm & Media Horizons conference focusing on the theme “Quad Play Services – Maximizing Opportunities” in the Genexis Theatre, Fusionopolis. My talk centered on the how media content and apps play a part in the mobile-web ecosystem, the features of various mobile-web apps stores (Apple iTunes, Nokia Ovi Store, Google Android Market, Blackberry Apps World and Microsoft Marketplace) and what are the interesting lessons for developers to create, share and distribute apps thru the stores?

While I have given a guide for developers on different apps stores which constitute one third of the talk, I have also discussed the strategies and pitfalls which one should be mindful of. Here are three main strategies which one should think about:

  • Focus on one platform before scaling it up: It is important that the developer selects one platform that his app will gain the most traction. The first step is to create the app, get the alpha or beta users to test drive it and work on all the kinks and issues with the app. Once the app gets online and in a stable version, then scale the app into other apps store. Foyage & BuUuk started with one app store and subsequently moved to another.
  • Don’t put your eggs on one apps store basket!: Being sexy is not the way to go. The best way to see if the app you create is in demand on a platform. The important thing is to contest in the blue ocean of apps. For example, Gravity is the only twitter app with US$7.95 on Nokia Ovi store when it started and hence they made a killing for being the highest paid downloadable app as compared to the many twitter input apps in iPhone diluted by the intense competition.
  • Understand the App Store Cycle & Support: Publishing the app is the first step, but growing the app is next. It is important to make sure that you get the reviewers to help you with the ratings and reviews about the app. It is important to churn up press on relevant blogs for that app depending on the platform. For example, I usually find out a lot about Nokia Ovi store apps thru All About Symbian.
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