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9 thoughts on “Three Tales about Social Networks @ SMU”

  1. Yes, I agree that to be successful in any social media campaign, the brand need to have an offline events to accommodate their online efforts. Thanks for the insightful article.

  2. Bernard, thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and sharing this. The presentation is very insightful.
    Regarding Facebook beating Cyworld in Korea, I believe that is the trend. The apps argument is a good one. But also, people are becoming more global (Thomas Friedman wrote about this 5 years ago) and their friends are everywhere in the world. Cyworld, QQ, Mixi, etc. benefit from the language barrier, but that barrier is getting weaker by the day.

    I also wanted to ask you a question: Is there a standard for micro-payments in East Asia countries? Or do Mixi, Cyworld, etc. have their own virtual currencies? And are they using the same model as Mig33 for distributing the virtual currencies? Thanks.

  3. Hi Andre

    There is no standard for micropayments except in the transaction gateways for e.g. PayPal, China Union Pay, Western Union where the transactions from real to virtual currency is done. CyWorld has its own virtual currency called Dotori, 51.com has 51 coins, QQ with QQ coins and RenRen has Renren coins.

    For the East Asian social networks, the transactions are most focused on the platform while Mig33 utilizes a more offline platform via pre-paid cards approach.

  4. Hey Bernard, always enjoying good posts.
    Re. Facebook beating Cyworld, can you provide more data point here? What data are we talking about? (Is it UV, PV, …?)

  5. On Facebook beating CyWorld, the datapoint came from looking at the Alexa ranking for Korea. Currently, Facebook is number 6 and CyWorld is number 9.
    Reference: Alexa: Korea.

    However, I am ready to acknowledge the limitations of Alexa's cookie approaches, and also we need an independent data point – maybe using another ranking or Google Trends (where Facebook is lacking behind CyWorld – see this search result)

  6. Hi Chang,

    Yes, you can. The above 3 bullet points is what I have in mind to convey to the students for the social networks. :)

    Are you popping by Singapore anytime soon?

  7. Hmm.. I guess I should double check on this. If Cyworld did get surpassed by FB in Korea, it would have made a pretty big news, which I dont think I have seen yet… And I would say FB still has pretty small traction in Korea.

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