Why Mobile Matters & How to Take Advantage of it

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Two days back, I was invited by E27 and Ascendas to give a talk entitled “Why Mobile Matters & How to Take Advantage of It”. The synopsis of the talk discussed a couple of new trends that have developed over the course of last 3 years: (a) the emergence of mobile apps store, (b) the convergence between mobile and web developers, (c) the focus on deploying apps relevant to the consumers in the marketplace and (d) social media deployment thru mobile for customer interaction & engagement. How does one from another industry for e.g. healthcare and travel able to tap on the new mobile trends in engaging and interacting with consumers? We explore how social media with mobile can help other industries in searching for ways and means to connect with customers. In the talk, we also discuss the emerging trends and how to navigate and tap on the mobile ecosystem and deliver new value to the customers.

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