That Thing You (Forget to) Do: Lessons in Product Development, Management & Marketing

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Recently, I was invited by startup incubator JFDI.Asia to deliver a talk entitled “That Thing You (Forget to) Do” (inspired loosely from Tom Hanks’ movie “That Thing You Do”) on best practices of product development, management and marketing. In this post, I have included the presentation (which is free for download), the youtube video from JFDI.Asia and also the links to the three articles on the subject of product development, marketing & management published in SGE.

Video of the talk in JFDI Asia – credits to JFDI for recording it

  • Part 1 – Product Development: Product development is only one part of the product cycle. That’s the part I will focus on this article. Managing the product from feedback of users and marketing the product are also tied to build up the start-up as a sustainable business but we will talk about that later. How shall a team of co-founders start in their product development cycle? The answer is a product roadmap from the very start with a clear vision and mission of the company in how it solves the one important problem from the user.
  • Part 2 – Product Marketing: So, in order for a product to go to market, it needs to overcome two barriers: (a) How will your customers hear about your product? (b) How do your customers access or buy your product?
  • Part 3 – Product Management: Product management is probably the toughest of the trio, and that’s why I leave it to the last. The essential aspect of product management is to sew the threads of development and marketing with data measurement, customer feedback and team execution.

Image Credits from Lokas Software.

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