Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015

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2015-500px Before I even know it, 2014 is finally over. I have also passed an important milestone of my life: turning 40. It just means that the search for the next in one million has just begun. Reflecting over a fast paced year, I am only thankful to be blessed with the time spent with my family. Here are my thoughts in reflection about 2014 before I look forward to an interesting year ahead.

In 2014, I have only focused on a few things over the course of the year:

1. Spending quality time with my family, and yes, I have reading Chinese books to my daughter and supporting my wife in her current entrepreneurial pursuit:

2. Focusing on my work in SingPost and my portfolio has expanded over the year. I learned a lot from the team who I have worked with. Even though there are still a lot to be done (and I am pushing things to move faster), my only optimism is to lay brick by brick each day. As for the progress which I have made, the fruits will be fulfilled in the coming year.

3. Started a small media project called Analyse Asia where I interview the thought leaders in Asia about business, media and technology. The project typically take up 5 hours of my time every week in recording, editing and distributing the podcast out to public.

All in all, I also celebrated a major milestone of my life: my 40th birthday. Of course, the search for the next 1 in a million has begun.

What is in stall for me in 2015? In fact, the theme is Amplify and like this year, I want to focus on very few things but do them well.

1. Quality time with family. Seriously, I am figuring out a way to teach my daughter basic arithmetic and principles of counting so that I can slowly inculcate mathematics & computer programming into her. She will be starting going to the nursery. She will go pure Montessori and seriously, I will rather her have the passion in learning new things than scoring A grades all the time. The other thing I really want to achieve next year is to bring my wife for that long awaited honeymoon (and yes, we have a location).

2. On the career front, I am in the midst of taking two major projects to fruition in the coming year and expand my horizons in a regional setting. For me, the role continues to challenge me and imbue me with learning opportunities that offer me the experience and skills for the future which I want to build. If there is one thing I am happy about this job is the incredible opportunity to learn and take on tough and challenging issues.

3. Ensure that I maintain and fulfil the very best to the the commitments that I have given my time to. I have restricted to three at a time: Analyse Asia, mentoring in JFDI.Asia and INSEAD Business School and a short project to work on. Yes, I still maintain the network fund and ensure that I take two external meetings each week.

Strangely, I am contented with what I have today and want to be ready for the future. As for 2015, I look forward to a brave new year with this quote from Seneca in mind:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

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