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My personal site represents my thoughts, whims, opinions and ideas on different topics that matter to me. To me, my purpose in life is to make a difference in others’ lives and focus to do my best everyday from work to home. As I have created two group blogs: SGE and Singapore Angle, dwelling on subject matters which are significantly different. In this site, I have decided to aggregate them together. In fact, I have decided to put in some less known interests of mine in this site.

Here are the areas that I will be writing about usually in long form and high quality (meaning that I will spend days thinking about the topic):

Entrepreneurship and Early Stage Startup Investing: Discussing the trends and movements about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Asia and zero into the Southeast Asia space which I am most familiar. At the same time, I am going to drill down to the lessons I have learned in being an entrepreneur in the past and penning down the future startup which I will build in a few years time. I will share lessons on areas which I have specialised: product development and general management as a co-founder of a company or a manager in a corporate setting. At the same time, I am also focusing on the life of an early stage investor (talking about my investments and some quips and quirks about the trade) and a connector within the ecosystem and how I see the community has evolved as time goes on.

Technology: Building and managing technology teams have been part of my DNA over the past few years. What I aspire to do here is to get the common man to be interested in technology and get business people to appreciate the difficulty and complexity of building something. Technology should be used to enable and improve our lives and the key for me is to give you a glimpse on how technology teams work out there.

Media: As both a practitioner and lover of media, I will share how the emerging technologies and social practices of people have drastically changed the landscape of media, be it traditional, social or digital.

Social and Political Issues & Economics: I have written many commentaries on social, economic and political issues during my time in Singapore Angle. It’s usually a civil discourse from my perspective and my intent is to be part of the civil society & raise issues that are important to me as a citizen of the state rather than dwell in the petty world of politics.

Fine-Dining: As an epicurean, one of my favourite hobbies is to try out every fine-dining place out there. Since I do this at least once a month, I have decided to start writing about this little passion of mine.

For short commentaries on shared links, photos and interesting quotes, you can also subscribe or follow my Tumblr blog.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note that that my opinions and ideas are of my own and do not reflect that of my employer or companies who I am a shareholder of.

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