Daily Annotations: Ruby on Rails

Here’s a guide to help me to consolidate the resources required for my learning of Ruby on Rails for rapid prototyping. This daily annotations serves as a collection point for me to consolidate some references which will be helpful to my own learning. I will update the annotations whenever I find a reference which is useful for myself. So, do check the post from time to time. Continue reading Daily Annotations: Ruby on Rails

Daily Annotations: Peter Thiel’s Startups Notes

Peter Thiel’s course CS183: Startup in Stanford for Spring 2012 has been annotated and curated by a student, Blake Masters. A very interesting course gathering notable personalities from the start-up world such as Paul Graham, Max Levchin, Reid Hoffman, Marc Andressen and Stephen Cohen with their thoughts added to the mix. While teaching courses including new venture creation here in Singapore, this set of lectures have allowed me to have different perspectives and insights for start-ups in today’s world. I have collected all the notes and make some annotations and thoughts for my own usage.
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