The Compassion Principle in Management

the_wishes_of_many_written_on_the_paper_for_offerings_in_the_fushimi-inari_shrine_kyoto_japan_at_fushimi_inari-taishaSometime earlier this year, I was invited by the British High Commission in Singapore to talk about the new modern workplace coupled with the new cultural and social practices. It was an interesting conversation which examined management in a physical environment. An interesting question prompted me to state a general principle which I state in how I manage people regardless of workplace and cultural differences. Continue reading The Compassion Principle in Management

How Great Founders have convinced me within 15 minutes

The_barren_zen_garden_in_Tenryuji_#Kyoto_#Japan_at_Tenryū-jiSometime last year during a date night with my wife, I told her that I can decide within the first 15 minutes of my conversation with a founder whether I want to invest in a company or idea. We took a list of those which I have recorded in my own spreadsheet and told her private that I would invest if I have the money and discovered that it was fairly accurate. In fact, the best investments out of my portfolio are done within 15 minutes and the rest which I took time to deliberate and ponder usually never panned out. It’s not based on some emotion or feeling. It also worked for me on startups which I don’t partake in but will have done it if I have the cash. Continue reading How Great Founders have convinced me within 15 minutes

Growing from a Product Manager to a Manager of Products

evolution Here’s an interesting learning when I started my current role in my first month two years back. During that time, I have to reset my intuition about products within an organisation from a product to an omni-channel view of products. In short, there’s a fundamental difference between being a product manager and a manager of products. The unfortunate reality is that most product managers I have encountered, failed this transition after speaking to many of them. In the process of working with my product managers, I have discovered this difference and here are some thoughts to how one must learn to transition from a product manager to a manager of products. Continue reading Growing from a Product Manager to a Manager of Products