Thinking about Communication, Truth and Media with Thermodynamics

The laws of thermodynamics in physics have contributed significantly to our understanding of energy and phenomenon in the physical world. In this article, I explain how these laws of thermodynamics have offered me perspectives on communication, truth and media.

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The Future Media Barons of the World

Interesting_captions_on_the_wall_in_21_21_#Design_Sight_in_#Tokyo_#Japan_at_21_21_DESIGN_SIGHTIn the recent months, the world of media has undergone a lot of change, with large amounts of venture capital poured in Buzzfeed and the technology savvy business men starting to own the printing news press, for example, Jeff Bezos owned The Washington Post. With the recent news that showed clashes between the editors and journalists against their business overlords, we are presented the view that technology and media do not mix. Yet, the future of media requires technology which has innovated on distribution. In this essay, I explain this conundrum between technology and media and provide a view in what is necessary for the future media barons to own in the world ahead. Continue reading The Future Media Barons of the World

Thoughts on Podcasting

usbOne of my recent personal media projects is a podcast called Analyse Asia, and outlined my motivation behind this new media project of mine. Recently, various authors claimed that podcasting might be back in fashion again. Personally I don’t think that the reasons for the revival of podcasting would affect Asia given that most successful podcasts typically come from the US and Europe. In this post, I sketch out my own thoughts on podcasting and why it has not taken the way like how blogging has done.
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The Signal & the Noise

Signal & NoiseIn the customer discovery phase of a startup, the startup team typically encounter a phenomenon called the signal and the noise. The signal answers the question whether your startup is genuinely gaining traction and generating viral user growth. The noise shrouds your vision with all the drums banging about the promise of your startup. Both signal and noise constituted both marketing and public relations (PR) portion of a startup. How do you build a proper marketing and PR plan while relentlessly focused on delivering the minimum viable product? I shared some insights on working with users, media engagement and crisis management with the JFDI 2013b class. Continue reading The Signal & the Noise

Where & Why did Social Media succeed & fail in GE 2011?

After the past 10 days of intensive campaigning, cooling off and subsequently polling day for the Singapore General Elections 2011 (GE 2011), an interesting question comes to mind, “Why has social media worked for the opposition parties and failed badly for the ruling party particularly the case of George Yeo?” I examine certain aspects of the campaign in an attempt to answer this question and point out the lessons learnt from this election and how the learning points can be move forward to the next. Continue reading Where & Why did Social Media succeed & fail in GE 2011?