Why Vertical Integration is my default choice of Strategy in Business

If I have a choice to build the business of my choice, one strategy which I strongly favor and adopt is vertical integration. In this essay, I will explain why I have come to this position as compared to the other approaches I have seen and done in business.

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Handling Layoffs in Startups

Many years ago, one of the startups which I co-founded ran out of money, and with the remaining resources we have, I was forced to lay off the remaining employees of the company which they do not deserved to be made redundant. That experience has traumatized me and from time to time, I reflected about the incident. It helped me to frame my thinking around hiring and how to advise people in similar situations. Here’s a framework which hope that it might be of help to those who may have no choice dealing with such difficult situations.

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The Compassion Principle in Management

the_wishes_of_many_written_on_the_paper_for_offerings_in_the_fushimi-inari_shrine_kyoto_japan_at_fushimi_inari-taishaSometime earlier this year, I was invited by the British High Commission in Singapore to talk about the new modern workplace coupled with the new cultural and social practices. It was an interesting conversation which examined management in a physical environment. An interesting question prompted me to state a general principle which I state in how I manage people regardless of workplace and cultural differences. Continue reading The Compassion Principle in Management