Growing from a Product Manager to a Manager of Products

evolution Here’s an interesting learning when I started my current role in my first month two years back. During that time, I have to reset my intuition about products within an organisation from a product to an omni-channel view of products. In short, there’s a fundamental difference between being a product manager and a manager of products. The unfortunate reality is that most product managers I have encountered, failed this transition after speaking to many of them. In the process of working with my product managers, I have discovered this difference and here are some thoughts to how one must learn to transition from a product manager to a manager of products. Continue reading Growing from a Product Manager to a Manager of Products

How to Build the Right Product but not New Product

owl Over the course of past few years as a product manager and evolving now as a manager of products, I have often reflected on how I think about building products. One insight that I have developed is that you focus on building the right product and not the new product. In fact, you need three important ingredients: (a) the technology facilitates the right user experience, (b) the timing of product to the market is right and (c) making the offline experience seamless from the online world and vice versa.
How do you know that you have build the right product? I have a couple of check points to cross validate on the products which I have worked on in my professional life. Continue reading How to Build the Right Product but not New Product

How to evaluate “Uber for X” companies

logisticsRecent discussions centered on “Uber on X” companies whether they justified their ultra high valuations, their asset light business model and their survival rate if and when the “bubble” will burst. Through discussions with investors and industry players, I have evolved my understanding. In this short article, I compile my thoughts on how one should look at “Uber on X” companies, and how a vertical such as logistics company perceived such companies and why some of these ‘Uber for X’ companies cannot disrupt logistics as they hoped to. Continue reading How to evaluate “Uber for X” companies

The Shokunin Way

The_autumn_leaves_covering_the_red_gate_outside_Tenryu-ji_Temple_#Kyoto_#Japan_at_Tenryū-ji Every year, my wife and I spent a week in Japan where we spent our time looking at product design, and understanding how the interfaces on different products there work. Watching documentaries such as “Jiro dreams of Sushi” and “The Kingdom of Madness and Dreams” provided me inspiration on why everything I do should have the attitude of Japanese craftsman, called the Shokunin way. Learning from my past failures while learning the skills for the next journey, I have adapted the Shokunin thinking into product and general management. Continue reading The Shokunin Way

The Future Media Barons of the World

Interesting_captions_on_the_wall_in_21_21_#Design_Sight_in_#Tokyo_#Japan_at_21_21_DESIGN_SIGHTIn the recent months, the world of media has undergone a lot of change, with large amounts of venture capital poured in Buzzfeed and the technology savvy business men starting to own the printing news press, for example, Jeff Bezos owned The Washington Post. With the recent news that showed clashes between the editors and journalists against their business overlords, we are presented the view that technology and media do not mix. Yet, the future of media requires technology which has innovated on distribution. In this essay, I explain this conundrum between technology and media and provide a view in what is necessary for the future media barons to own in the world ahead. Continue reading The Future Media Barons of the World