When Software meets Hardware (or Physical Assets)

Software is eating the world and disrupting the business models of traditional industries. In this essay, we discuss why hardware (or physical assets) imposes constraints to the disruptive nature of software startups with the failure of sustainable unit economics.

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Perspectives on Venture Capital in Asia

For a while, I want to sketch out some perspectives on venture capital in Asia, given that I have been observing the flurry of fundraising activity happening in Southeast Asia and how the venture capital scene has evolved. Recently, reading an interesting book on venture capital by an author who was both a venture capitalist and academic during my travels to Kyoto has given me food for thought. Lastly, I decide to share my own thoughts in laying out what I call the three conditions for myself if I should ever decide to go into the venture capital business in the far future. Continue reading Perspectives on Venture Capital in Asia

Are Southeast Asia technology companies under-valued?

map_southeast_asia Let’s start with the question, “Are Southeast Asia technology companies under-valued? Different people will have different perspectives depending whether you sit in Singapore or in Jakarta or Bangkok. Recently, Terence from Tech In Asia published an interesting post on the investment activity around Southeast Asia. Two important observations came out from the article: (a) the investment in e-commerce, fashion and online retail constituted where most of the money were channeled to and (b) the amount of investment that Rocket Internet amassed against local investors is 5 to 1. Taking this further with the data from Techlist Asia, we can draw some interesting insights about the value of Southeast Asia technology companies. One interesting insight is that the asymmetry of information about the Southeast Asia leads to different perceived values of startup companies in the market.
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Initial Feedback & Next Steps on Open Source Angel Investment Templates

Examing a Legal DocumentRecently, together with Huifen Zheng, we launch the open source angel investment templates. Our aim of the project is to facilitate angel funding in Singapore for both startups and angel investors. At the same time, we hope to provide a set of documents to help overseas entrepreneurs from other parts of the world, which incorporate in Singapore with the aim to receive financing from Singapore investors. With the initial launch, we have received some feedback from the users and even enthusiasts within the community here in Singapore who have created interesting applications with the legal documentation. Continue reading Initial Feedback & Next Steps on Open Source Angel Investment Templates

Open-Source Angel Investment Templates

Examing a Legal DocumentToday, we launch and release an open-source angel investment templates in the same spirit of what Y-Combinator did in Silicon Valley for Singapore that encompass the great Southeast Asia entrepreneurial ecosystem. The origin of these efforts came from our mentoring work in JFDI.Asia, INSEAD Business School & young entrepreneurs seeking advice and meeting with overseas entrepreneurs who plan to move to Southeast Asia or seek investment from investors in Singapore. Working with a corporate lawyer & mentor to JFDI.Asia, Ms Zheng Huifen, we have released these documents as part of our modest and humble contributions to the ever growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore and out to Southeast Asia.
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