SGE acquired by Tech In Asia

sge-logo An important milestone for the whole SGE family which I am honored to be part of. Today, SGE is officially acquired by Tech In Asia in an undisclosed sum. My colleagues, Gwendolyn Tan and Terence Lee who I have worked closely with over the years, will be moving to join the new setup. Of course, I am thankful to the support from the readers and friends who have supported the site many years. The site has become part and parcel of the startup entrepreneurial ecosystem. Now it has evolved to another incarnation which I believe will take the spirit of what we started to a new level. My heart felt thanks to Willis Wee, the founder of Tech In Asia and his team for their confidence. This serves as more a note to thank also many friends who have been part of the SGE family, most notably, Isaac Tay, Nicholas Aaron Khoo and Lai Weichang who also have been part of the team who made it possible. Continue reading SGE acquired by Tech In Asia

Total Solar Eclipse 2009 in Shanghai

Of course, I have planned my recent trip to China to coincide with this event which I have waited to watch for 10 years. The total solar eclipse happened on 22 July 2009. It will be another 300 years to the future to see the total solar eclipse in Shanghai again. There are good and bad news for me to watching the event. The bad news was that we could not see the sun in the Pudong skyline. It was raining and we hoped for a miracle. The good news was that we could observe the effects brought by the totality phase of the solar eclipse, i.e. when the sun was fully covered by the moon. The whole city went from daylight to night and then back. Although I did not get to see the diamond ring effect this time round, but good things are worth the wait.