Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014

2014 As the year 2013 comes to a close, it is a time for reflection on what has passed and look forward to the challenges ahead for the year ahead. I am thankful to my wife, Yuying Deng who has braved through tough moments together and sacrificed a year of career to take care of our daughter Eleanor after two major surgeries in her first year. Of course, we are both thankful to our family, relatives and friends for their support to us over the course of the year. Nevertheless, we see it as part of the process that will make us better people for the future. We should focus on the future because we will be spending the rest of our lives there. Here are some thoughts ahead for 2014. Continue reading Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014

The Next Step: Singapore Post

steps For those who are curious about my next step after Vistaprint, I am joining Singapore Post as Vice President, Digital Services. Before starting on my new role, I have enjoyed my time working and learning from a group of interesting colleagues in Vistaprint. As it was my first job in the corporate world, I am grateful for the lessons learnt and the friendship built with every team I have worked with during my time here and the experience (I believe) would someday help me in my future endeavours. The role in Singapore Post offers a different set of challenges and learning opportunities and switches my perspective towards general management, focusing on digital products and business. Like every challenge before, I look forward to learn and collaborate with my colleagues in Singapore Post.

Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013

2013 and 2012 written in sand with waves2012 represented a year of change in my life, from closing down one chapter of my life in the startup world to starting up a family. I am thankful to the support and friendship from many who have shown me during those tough days this year. Yet, life is about moving forward and not looking backward despite that new problems and challenges present themselves at me from time to time. Continue reading Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013

The Next Step: Vistaprint

Ever since the news of Chalkboard’s shutdown came, I am appreciative and thankful to many people (and even former competitors) who have dropped me a note and came forward to provide their support and help towards where my next steps would be. I enjoyed those conversations and shared with them the lessons learnt from Chalkboard. As for my next steps, I have joined as a Technology Manager, Most of Worlds Business Unit, Vistaprint starting from July 2012. My role is focused on building and managing an engineering team to develop products in the emerging market. Although Vistaprint is a multi-national corporation, the role I am undertaking has an entrepreneurial component that resembles a start-up. For me, it’s a brave new world and I look forward to learn and develop myself for future challenges ahead.

Reflections: Circumstances, Luck & Execution

In the past three months, reading the biography of “Steve Jobs” and Jim Collins’ “Great by Choice” made me think hard on my own shortcomings. Coupled with two exhausting trips to both Silicon Valley (San Francisco, US) and Zhong Guan Cun (Beijing, China) where anyone including myself looked at the groundbreaking successes of many technology companies with envy. While fighting hard against my own belief that success may be made easier being in another environment, I have come to a different conclusion towards something that was bothering me for a while. Continue reading Reflections: Circumstances, Luck & Execution