Reflections: Circumstances, Luck & Execution

In the past three months, reading the biography of “Steve Jobs” and Jim Collins’ “Great by Choice” made me think hard on my own shortcomings. Coupled with two exhausting trips to both Silicon Valley (San Francisco, US) and Zhong Guan Cun (Beijing, China) where anyone including myself looked at the groundbreaking successes of many technology companies with envy. While fighting hard against my own belief that success may be made easier being in another environment, I have come to a different conclusion towards something that was bothering me for a while. Continue reading Reflections: Circumstances, Luck & Execution

Reflections: Information Inundation

I have recently started to jot down some thoughts and reflections on my personal and career or collect bits and pieces of interesting information with a digital scrapbook. It helps me to archive some insights not just from myself but from others during discussions on topics of interest. One interesting conversation was one that I have with a Singaporean friend doing businesses in China during my recent trip to Beijing. The topic of interest is about information inundation and I will briefly share how the ability to navigate across information inundation is helpful to anyone from an entrepreneur to a research scientist. Continue reading Reflections: Information Inundation

2010: A Year Worth Remembering

Other than 1994, the year 2010 is the year that is worth remembering. After two lost years, 2010 has reignited my drive in life with many interesting times. The year was fraught with struggles, obstacles and challenges that took the most of me and yet brought out the courage to make a difference. Here are the top ten things which I know why this is a year worth remembering (in no order of preference except the last one which is the most important event): Continue reading 2010: A Year Worth Remembering

The Tempest Epilogue by Shakespeare

The Tempest” is the last play written by William Shakespeare. Something recently got me to read the entire play particularly, the monologue by Prospero in the epilogue of the play. In fact, when I put part of the epilogue on my Facebook status, the quote caught the interest of Calvin and Tudor, founders of a new project called 8Squirrels. I hope that this part of you will help to provide some thoughts for those who search and live for passions in your lives. Continue reading The Tempest Epilogue by Shakespeare