How will you educate your children?

My wife and I have discussed and debated on the question when we do our family planning on many occasions. Both of us have different views, given our backgrounds. While thinking deep and hard about the question over the month before I started work coupled with great conversations I have with various friends, I have distilled down to three principles that have given me the kind of culture I like to instill in my children in the future, regardless of where they will be schooled. Continue reading How will you educate your children?

Reflections: Information Inundation

I have recently started to jot down some thoughts and reflections on my personal and career or collect bits and pieces of interesting information with a digital scrapbook. It helps me to archive some insights not just from myself but from others during discussions on topics of interest. One interesting conversation was one that I have with a Singaporean friend doing businesses in China during my recent trip to Beijing. The topic of interest is about information inundation and I will briefly share how the ability to navigate across information inundation is helpful to anyone from an entrepreneur to a research scientist. Continue reading Reflections: Information Inundation