You are a start-up, then what?

success-failureWhether you are going to join a company as an employee or build a company, you are a startup in your own way. Everyone typically asks me, “Why are you an entrepreneur?”, “Why do you move from research to business?”, “How do you manage failure if things do not work out?” and “What have you learned from your startups and investments?”. To make this talk simple, I share a few lessons particular managing failure in my own journey till now, and some lessons in working with people within the Southeast Asia entrepreneurial ecosystem. I have delivered this talk on 19 Nov 2013 during the RIE @ Nanyang Polytechnic event. Continue reading You are a start-up, then what?

A Modern Approach to Customer Development

Customer DevelopmentThe focus on this set of slides are on customer development, mainly motivated by Steve Blank’s “4 Steps to Epiphany”, and centered a lot on customer discovery & validation. Based on a three hour session I have conducted on customer development for a summer school between Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre, Nanyang Technological University & Chonnam University, Korea on 18 June 2013. As the primary objective of a startup is to validate its business model hypotheses (and iterate & pivot until it does), the entrepreneur needs to work out the customer discovery process by performing small experiments to engage the customers to see if they will buy or pay for the products/service that you are selling them to. The talk also addresses the lean business canvas and helps the team to think about how to size the market and work out the channels on how they can get and grow customers.
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Lies, Damned Lies & Vanity Metrics

AnalyticsHere are the slides to a session which I conducted for the startup teams in the technology startup incubator JFDI.Asia in May 2013. The session which I conducted are broken into 4 parts: managing user growth, vanity and growth metrics, funnelling and usability testing. The session expands on the lean start-up model and breaks down how the startup builds their hypotheses that align with the business metrics which they want to measure. It also focus on how startups should learn to manage feedback in both quantitative and qualitative manner. One key lesson of the session is to urge startups to avoid vanity metrics and discuss various frameworks for user growth (McClure’s pirate metrics, Lean Canvas, Lean Analytics). Continue reading Lies, Damned Lies & Vanity Metrics

Start from the User

A keynote about product design during the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) Design Award 2013 competition. In this talk, I discuss how we should start from the user on product design, whether hardware and software. Part of the emphasis will centered on some interesting principles such as learn from data, less is more and focus on the most boring but interesting feature. The key to building good products often start from asking why, observe the world around and dig deep in the problem before executing on the product. Continue reading Start from the User

Mobile or Web First?

Presented on 7 Nov 2012 in the Singapore Computer Society, the talk focus on the priorities, challenges and paradigms where a product manager should decide if their digital product should go mobile or web first. In consideration, we discussed the native vs web app model, the device fragmentation introduced by different mobile devices (smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktops) and development platforms. The talk also introduces the lean startup model and responsive web design to the audience. Continue reading Mobile or Web First?