A Flat Fee Suffices: Taxi Phenomenon in Singapore

The presentation slides on slideshare based on a talk I have given in BlinkBl-nk 20 on 20 June 2012 in Blu Jazz, Singapore.

The synopsis of the talk is as follows: Have you ever wondered why you are never able to get a taxi during certain times of the day in Singapore? Have you ever wondered why the taxi drivers are always complaining? Are the incentives really that bad for them? Gathering some anecdotal evidence coupled with economics and physics, I seek to analyze the cultural phenomenon of taxi cabs in Singapore. At the end, I present a solution based on free market and competition to how the problem might be solved. Continue reading A Flat Fee Suffices: Taxi Phenomenon in Singapore

Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asian market

The focus on this talk delivered for TechInAsia‘s private investors and entrepreneurs’ gathering. Focus on technology entrepreneurship, particularly in the consumer internet space, and both business & venture capital activity here. I have narrowed the scope to focus on consumer internet (social media, mobile-web, local and e-commerce) and enterprise (cloud computing), and explain the fragmentation that leads to different trends within Southeast Asia. One distinction that makes Southeast Asia very different from its east Asia counterparts is that the early adopters are friendly to the US web services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Continue reading Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asian market

One Ring to Bind Them All?

This presentation is delivered for Barcamp Singapore 7 which is held on 10 Sep 2011 in Block 71, Mediapolis Singapore. It’s a presentation meant for me to share. In this talk, I present the economics, myths and science in searching for an engagement diamond ring for my fiancee. For example, I will also cover the 4Cs of diamonds (Clarity Cut, Color and Carat) in a layman manner and some tips on how to purchase the ring. The story helped me realized that each man’s search for the one ring is unique and filled with intrigue and interest. Continue reading One Ring to Bind Them All?

A Universe Less Ordinary

Last night, I gave a talk for the BlinkBl-nk 7 event which happened in Blu Jaz. The talk is a recollection of what culminated to my doctoral thesis in cosmology and some after-thoughts about the subject years later. I share my thoughts on the subject here in this blog and share with you the synopsis of the talk as follows: Modern ideas in theoretical physics revolve around the concept of extra-dimensions and the attempt to unify the four fundamental forces of nature with string theories. Our Universe has been a great & extraordinary laboratory where we formulate hypotheses to disprove these ideas. Can we find extra dimensions via the cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the first three minutes in our Universe? How do we test such an idea using modern satellite technologies like Planck and WMAP? The story started from a doctorate thesis & ends with a satellite that has been recently launched into space. Continue reading A Universe Less Ordinary

Why Mobile Matters & How to Take Advantage of it

Two days back, I was invited by E27 and Ascendas to give a talk entitled “Why Mobile Matters & How to Take Advantage of It”. The synopsis of the talk discussed a couple of new trends that have developed over the course of last 3 years: (a) the emergence of mobile apps store, (b) the convergence between mobile and web developers, (c) the focus on deploying apps relevant to the consumers in the marketplace and (d) social media deployment thru mobile for customer interaction & engagement. How does one from another industry for e.g. healthcare and travel able to tap on the new mobile trends in engaging and interacting with consumers? We explore how social media with mobile can help other industries in searching for ways and means to connect with customers. In the talk, we also discuss the emerging trends and how to navigate and tap on the mobile ecosystem and deliver new value to the customers. Continue reading Why Mobile Matters & How to Take Advantage of it