A Universe Less Ordinary

Last night, I gave a talk for the BlinkBl-nk 7 event which happened in Blu Jaz. The talk is a recollection of what culminated to my doctoral thesis in cosmology and some after-thoughts about the subject years later. I share my thoughts on the subject here in this blog and share with you the synopsis of the talk as follows: Modern ideas in theoretical physics revolve around the concept of extra-dimensions and the attempt to unify the four fundamental forces of nature with string theories. Our Universe has been a great & extraordinary laboratory where we formulate hypotheses to disprove these ideas. Can we find extra dimensions via the cosmic microwave background radiation left over from the first three minutes in our Universe? How do we test such an idea using modern satellite technologies like Planck and WMAP? The story started from a doctorate thesis & ends with a satellite that has been recently launched into space. Continue reading A Universe Less Ordinary