Unboxing Apple iPad @ Hackerspace SG

Recently, I have unboxed the Apple iPad (Wifi + 16 GB) @ Hackerspace SG. Thanks to Meng Weng Wong for helping me to purchase the iPad from the US. While holding the gadget for the past two days, it is an excellent product where the loading up of apps is remarkably fast, long battery life and the feel and touch for the iBooks app is fantastic. It is actually pleasant to surf the web with an almost 10″ screen. The only gripe I have at the moment is that I can’t make any purchase of books either from Amazon Kindle or Apple Books. Still, I am currently working to configure this product (adding the Chinese components) for my parents so that they can read news, get their 4D lottery numbers and play SG Mahjong on the iPad. Continue reading Unboxing Apple iPad @ Hackerspace SG

Google Nexus One @ Hackerspace SG

I have received my Google Nexus One this morning and have decided to unbox it in Hackerspace SG along with Ruiwen. We did a Qik video on the whole unboxing of the Google Nexus One. Ironically, the whole video is filmed using the Qik application on my iPhone 3GS. On the whole, the whole experience has been really great from opening the box and setting up the phone immediately in Singapore. Upgrading the phone OS to the recent version was very fast and we managed to get a few apps quickly working: Facebook, Twidroid, FourSquare, GMail and Maps. We also did a test with Google Goggles as well.

Google Nexus One Unboxing @ HackerSpace SG 1

Google Nexus One Unboxing @ HackerSpace SG 3

My Initial Thoughts on Nokia N97 and Ovi Store

NokiaN97 In the past two months, I have been invited to a couple of events under the sponsorship with Nokia Singapore via Text100 Singapore, starting from my first trip to the Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monte Carlo. Following on, I went to the launch of the Nokia N97 in Kuala Lumpur. In the process, it opened up new business opportunities like arranging entrepreneurs from my existing portfolio to see what can be developed for Ovi Store, funding new applications relating to the Ovi Store and also consumer interactions with the people from Nokia. Recently, I received a gift from Nokia during a meeting with their corporate communications team three weeks back and it’s the Nokia N97 with full disclosure. So, I have finally unboxed the phone yesterday (given that I have been moving around China for the past two weeks and have a proper 3G plan one day before I start traveling) before the Nokia Ovi Store bloggers’ gathering in Ben & Jerry’s @ Cathay. Here are some of the initial impressions and some things I discover about the Nokia N97 while learning about applications on different mobile phone vendors and operating systems. Continue reading My Initial Thoughts on Nokia N97 and Ovi Store