BL Newsletter #3: Deciphering Piketty & Christensen

Newsletter Launched the third issue of my personal newsletter and the focus for this issue centered on two authors who I have read extensively over the past few weeks. I have been pouring through pages of Thomas Piketty’s “Capitalism in the 21st century” and reading an insightful article entitled “The Capitalist’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen. Behind these two thinkers, there is an interesting insight I drew on why we are seeing a strong reaction from the capitalist world in the West. Intrinsically, investors are also withholding hoards of cash and not invest into innovation because the metrics used to assess company are not relevant in a slow growing economy requiring more investment for long term growth. You can subscribe to my mailing list to hear my latest analysis. Of course, my official policy is not to spam but to share analyses and thoughts on business and technology in Asia as a whole. [Read more...]

Mobile Strategy: Unbundling of Native Mobile Apps (and how it impacts Asian companies)

digital tablet pc with app icons and cloudIn the past year, some companies have beginning to unbundle their native mobile applications and breaking their own major application in a few smaller ones. For example, Facebook have built additional applications in addition to their official big blue application: Paper, Messenger and Pages and acquired additional apps from the market: Instagram and Whatsapp. At the same, other companies such as Google and Evernote have done the same in launching single focussed applications to the apps marketplace independent of the mobile operating system (iOS and Android). What is the rationale behind this move because we are observing it happening from the very big (major corporations) to the very small (startups)? What is the impact to the mobility strategy for the company moving ahead? In this article, I share some thoughts and insights on this kind of mobile strategy and how it might impact Asian companies as a whole. [Read more...]