Digital Disruption in Traditional Companies

Cute_mailbox_on_how_media_in_Singapore_should_evolve_&_my_opinion_on_mainstream_media_here. Crafting a digital strategy for a traditional company requires alignment between various stakeholders: the management, existing business unit leaders and the digital team. The situation is complex and often requires understanding from various perspectives. In most situations, traditional companies fail to innovate due to letting short term gains take precedence against long term goals. In the recent years, digital disruption has shifted from people deploying digital products to technology savvy customers to the average consumer with technology seamlessly integrated into their lives without them realising. [Read more…]

One in a Million @ 40s

Our_#tyrell_bikes_parked_in_the_Lorong_Halus_wetlands_area_as_we_cycled_4km_across_the_Punggol_waterway_at_Lorong_Halus_Wetlands I never thought that I want to pen down something upon turning 40. When I was 20, I thought that I have worked out where I would be at 40. I stick to my plan till 33, and upon realising that I am heading nowhere, I took a road less travelled. Why should I pen something now at 40? After all, I expect that it is about half the distance or slightly more to the end journey. It will be interesting that I can look back when I will reach 50 and tell myself that I have set myself not to waste any time and focus on what really matters to me. I look back to the past decades and I am happy and contented that I have reached a few major milestones. Of course, there are greater heights to achieve and sometimes, like a drop in a ocean, I don’t really know whether I am really making an impact not just to my life, but the lives of others around me. Of course, I have my own personal aspirations which I want to reach out to. While I am still in the midst of rebuilding myself for the next most important journey of my life, I cannot help but reflect what has transpired before so that I can utilise the lessons learnt to propel forward. [Read more…]

BL Newsletter #6: Why I have started Analyse Asia

Newsletter In this issue, my focus is on why I have set up my new media project, Analyse Asia. It also explains the motivation behind this project and what I have build to get it going the way it is. Of course, I share some interesting links about interesting personalities. You can subscribe to my mailing list. Of course, my official policy is not to spam but to share analyses and thoughts on business and technology in Asia as a whole.
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