Perspectives on Venture Capital in Asia

venture-capital-roi For a while, I want to sketch out some perspectives on venture capital in Asia, given that I have been observing the flurry of fundraising activity happening in Southeast Asia and how the venture capital scene has evolved. Recently, reading an interesting book on venture capital by an author who was both a venture capitalist and academic during my travels to Kyoto has given me food for thought. Lastly, I decide to share my own thoughts in laying out what I call the three conditions for myself if I should ever decide to go into the venture capital business in the far future. [Read more…]

Thoughts on Podcasting

usbOne of my recent personal media projects is a podcast called Analyse Asia, and outlined my motivation behind this new media project of mine. Recently, various authors claimed that podcasting might be back in fashion again. Personally I don’t think that the reasons for the revival of podcasting would affect Asia given that most successful podcasts typically come from the US and Europe. In this post, I sketch out my own thoughts on podcasting and why it has not taken the way like how blogging has done.
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Digital Disruption in Traditional Companies

Cute_mailbox_on_how_media_in_Singapore_should_evolve_&_my_opinion_on_mainstream_media_here. Crafting a digital strategy for a traditional company requires alignment between various stakeholders: the management, existing business unit leaders and the digital team. The situation is complex and often requires understanding from various perspectives. In most situations, traditional companies fail to innovate due to letting short term gains take precedence against long term goals. In the recent years, digital disruption has shifted from people deploying digital products to technology savvy customers to the average consumer with technology seamlessly integrated into their lives without them realising. [Read more…]