I have taught on different subjects from physical sciences to social media & business/management from time to time. I attached my teaching notes here for those who might want to learn something new.


MPS 812: Entrepreneurship – Taught in School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University


  • Probability Teasers You wish that you have the answer: This is a compilation of some probability problems which have baffled me for ages. V1.0 contains the birthday pairings problem, Buffon’s needle and Eddington’s Controversy. I will gradually update this article with more examples.
  • 1st Year Mathematics for Natural Sciences Here are some notes in mathematical physics which concentrates on Vector Analysis, Lagrangian Multiplers and Coordinate systems. In postscript or pdf format. This set of notes are used to guide my first year students who are doing Mathematics for Natural Sciences Tripos in Cambridge University.


I have enjoyed teaching physics in the past few years and particularly enjoyed teaching the topics in physics which interest me most. In the process of teaching, I have met interesting and enthusiastic students, who always come back to have a good and refreshing discussion on interesting problems and ideas in physics. Relativity remains to be my favourite teaching subject, both special and general.

  • Black Holes in Higher Dimensions: The essay which I submitted for my Part III Mathematical Tripos examinations for 1998/1999, under the supervision of Professor Gary Gibbons in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. In the essay, I review the various kinds of higher dimensional black hole solutions in classical general relativity, Kaluza-Klein gravity and String/M-theory and the issues which would relate these solutions for the search of quantum gravity.
  • General Relativity: Problems and Solutions: The problems and solutions to the 4th year course (or Part III in Cambridge Physics Tripos) in Cavendish Laboratory. This course is taught by Dr Mike Hobson for the years 2001 to 2003 and I have supervised this course for the past four years. There are three problems and solutions sets in postscript format: problem set 1, solution set 1, problem set 2, solution set 2, problem set 3 and solution set 3.
  • Electrodynamics and Special Relativity: The problems and solutions to the 3rd year course (or Part II in Cambridge Physics Tripos) in Cavendish Laboratory. The course focuses on the study of spacetime diagrams in special relativity, basic electrodynamics, and the relationship between electrodynamics and special relativity.
  • Summary of First Year Physics: I have summarized the notes for the first year Cambridge students studying physics. It consists of mechanics, electromagnetism and modern physics.