Publications & Patents

Business Publications and Citations

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Academic Publications

Biology and Bioinformatics

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Economics, Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

  • Bernard Leong, Alison Wee and Ho Yuen Ping, “Is an enterprise framework necessary for an entrepreneurial university? A comparison of entrepreneurial university technology start-ups in Singapore & Sweden“, Science and Public Policy, 35(9):647-656, Nov 2008.
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Ph.D Thesis

  • Bernard Leong, “Spin Torsion, Braneworlds and Changing Symmetry in the Universe”, gr-qc/0311016, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Cambridge, Feb 2003.

Undergraduate Proceedings

  • Bernard Leong, “Numerical Computations in Satellite Orbits”, Proceedings of Undergraduate Science Research Programme, National University of Singapore, NUS Press, 1997.
  • Bernard Leong, “Atomic Force Microscopy in Biological Molecules”, Proceedings of Undergraduate Science Research Programme, National University of Singapore, NUS Press, 1998.